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Testimonials: Unburn For Your Sunburn   top

Testimonial for Unburn by Matt Aldridge - Brand Manager Pyzel Surfboards Australia/New Zealand - 9th July 2019

During this session at Ulawata, I surfed for over 7 hour’s, I have fair skin, and while I did apply as much sunscreen and zink as possible I did sustain some sunburn, I used the Unburn and the sting from the sunburn disappeared almost immediately.

The Unburn works great on all marine strings (Blue Bottles/Sea Lice) I pack it in my bag wherever I go.

Matt Aldridge.

Brand Manager Pyzel Surfboards Australia/New Zealand


Testimonial for Unburn by Albe Falzon film producer / creator of Morning of the Earth – Monday 22nd January 2018

A beautiful day - had to go for a surf. The ocean was incredible - the water was so clear it was like being on a tropical island somewhere in the Pacific. I stayed out for hours - just couldn’t come in. The waves where so perfect - just being out there was like being in Heaven.

I got totally fried and looked around for the Unburn - I keep a bottle in the car for just such occasions - but left it at home - bummer.

Usually if I get cooked I apply the Unburn and it reduces the burn pain instantly. I used it on my back and face when I got whacked by wasps the day before and didn’t put it back in the car. It took the pain away from the wasp stings instantly. I wont be racing out the door next time without making sure I’ve got the Unburn.

I generally keep wax and cream in my backpack and the Unburn as well….it’s especially good if others suffer the same fate - great to be able to pass it on. It’s amazing how instant the pain goes. And with the summer temperatures on the increase I’ll be keeping it handy…..especially if the wasps whack me again. It’s incredible.

Albe Falzon film producer / creator of Morning of the Earth


Unburn For Your Sunburn ® testimonial by Rita from Victoria - 18th September 2019.

My name is Rita and I live in Victoria Australia and I am 79 years young.

In 2018 my son Mark came back from a seminar which he attended. In the talk he was informed for the first time about an element from the earth called Fulvic. My son was absorbing the technical detail from the speaker who had on display a number of products containing Fulvic and Humic.

After a personal one on one discussion with the speaker, my son decided to purchase a number of the products on offer. After using the products my son then felt and experienced extremely positive effects from the products he purchased.

After some time after using the Pure Fulvic products my son gave me one of the products he purchased called Unburn for your Sunburn. I read the label and decided to leave it on the kitchen bench and thought no more about it.

As a mother of five children and a grand-mother, I am always in the kitchen cooking for the family. However the problem with cooking is that it involves heat from the stove and oven.

As is the case with most "house people" we all at numerous stages get burnt. Not long after being given the Unburn by my son, I did get burnt (yet again) on the stove.....this time it was a bad one.

As the pain was getting worse I remembered the bottle of Unburn my son gave me which was sitting right in front of me near the stove.

I immediately saturated the burn with the Unburn by spraying it on. Now I tell you the truth. The pain completely went within seconds after spraying on the Unburn.

In all my years I have never felt or experienced such an immediate and total recovery for pain from burns. The same result has been repeated on several times right up to now with putting pen to paper with this testimonial. Every time I have been burnt, the Unburn has totally eliminated the pain within seconds.

My son Mark has also told me about the wonderful reversals of problems he and his friends have had with this miracle element called Pure Fulvic.

As a mother and grandmother I would council everyone who reads my testimonial to have not only the Unburn in your home or work, but also the Pure Fulvic which covers a multitude of issues. It makes as much, if not more sense to have these great Australian products on your person as well as a packet of band aids.

There are other people who have given their wonderful and inspiring testimonials in the website. Why not read them and follow the old boy scout prepared.

Unburn is a true miracle you can have for your family.

All the best and good luck.

Rita from Victoria


Unburn For Your Sunburn ® testimonial by Darryl Green 31st October 2017

I was scalded on my hand from the steam from the hot water kettle ( the pain factor was 4 / 10).

Luckily a friend had given me a bottle of Unburn For Your Sunburn ® as a gift.

I sprayed the affected area of pain and then the pain dissipated immediately and I went on with my chores with no more pain. Amazing!

Another day I was working in yard when I noticed welts from midges on my inner arm area.

I sprayed Unburn For Your Sunburn ® to the affected area and had immediate relief. No more itching!

What a wonderful product. Everyone should have it in their car and medicine cabinet at home and work.

I very much recommend this great Australia product.

Darryl Green 2485


By Happy customer "T" from Coolangatta Queensland Australia - August 2017

To whom it may concern.

After returning from a cruise to Cairns my husband who has Irish heritage fell asleep without applying sunscreen.

When he told me that he had sunburn I did not expect to see how burnt he was. I thought what am I going to apply on it?

When our children were young and went to the beach we grew Aloe Vera and would apply this every time. No Aloe Vera available right now for my husband!!

I then remembered purchasing 'Unburn for your Sunburn' earlier this year. Not needing to use this product I kept it in the cupboard with other items I use 'sometimes'.

Later that day after returning home from work I offered my husband the Unburn. He is a bit of a sceptic about lots of products but was happy to give it a go.

To my surprise he applied 'Unburn for your Sunburn' over the next couple of days. This product is amazing. It stopped the pain and healed the skin.

I highly recommend everyone to keep a bottle with their medical supplies, you will need it one day.




Unburn For Your Sunburn testimonial by Jose 26th February 2017

For all my Brazilian mates....and the rest of you Aussies!!!

Around the end of January 2017 I was shown the Unburn For Your Sunburn in the surf shop I work in.

After reading all the label and especially the testimonial which said:

"Whilst holidaying in Bali my friend Damien and I were sitting beside the pool and we both had very bad sunburn in the range of 7 out of 10. I applied Unburn For Your Sunburn onto the affected parts of my sunburn and within 30 seconds the pain had reduced to nearly zero pain level. Amazing. Thank you so much!"

At the time of reading this I was also suffering from sunburn pain with at least a 7 pain level.

The Unburn was sprayed onto my whole back and shoulders and rubbed in. The effect was instant. The pain just went. Like no pain straight away.

I then re-read the label and told my boss about what happened. He was trying to work out if I was telling him the truth. However for the most part he was very interested about my experience and intrigued about this little bottle I had in my hand.

My boss then told me and the rest of the staff to give this a good work out on ourselves and others who had sunburn pain.....which we did.

Everyone I / we tried it on confirmed their pain went either immediately or within a minute plus or minus after applying it.

Never during my surfing life have I ever had sunburn pain relief instantly from any product. Aloe Vera has never taken the pain out of my sunburn and usually takes 1 - 3 days to bring my skin back to normality.

I am really grateful to have experienced Unburn in the shop at the time. Even my brown Brazilian skin is not immune to the effects of sunburn pain and damage.

Since using Unburn I have done some research on the internet regarding the Fulvic in Unburn and have found many other applications for the use of Fulvic. This fact makes Fulvic even more mind blowing.

I hope you get the same results as I did. Aussie is a hot place and I would hope that Unburn can provide an immediate benefit for everyone who goes out in the sun...especially us surfers.

Thank you.



Unburn For Your Sunburn testimonial by Kable 26th February 2017

Short Summary

  • In my opinion no other product fixes sunburn like Unburn


  • It worked on all my team members with sunburn pain in the shop
  • It worked on all the public with sunburn pain who tested it in store
  • It worked on my kamikaze 2 day, 11 hour surf "market research" in 30+ extreme heat

I currently manage a surf shop in Coolangatta, Queensland Australia and I spend a lot of time surfing, it's part of the job.

Around the third week in January 2017 one of the sales team (a Brazilian with brown skin) was shown a new product called "Unburn For Your Sunburn" in our shop. After reading the testimonial on the label which indicated that after spraying the Unburn on his sunburn his pain went from 7 out of 10 to virtually zero in 30 seconds, my Brazilian staff member decided to try it as he too had sunburn pain which was at least 7 out of 10.

After the Unburn was sprayed and rubbed into his sunburn he said that his pain completely went away immediately after spraying and rubbing it on to his skin.

Discussing this remarkable result with him and the rest of the team, we all agreed to give Unburn a go and test it further.

All the sales team members reported to me that Unburn not only worked for each of them immediately, but also everyone else whom they sprayed it on. This included a selection of fair and olive skin types.

Around the first weekend in February 2017 I decided to commit my own body and do some serious self-testing which I knew would result in much pain.....sunburn pain. On the Saturday I had two surf sessions spanning 6 hours. The temperature was 30 degrees +. I had no sun cream at all, except zinc on my face.

I got home Saturday night and my wife looked at me and said “how sunburnt are you”. After her observations, I sprayed every inch of my body which was in pain with the Unburn. As I saturated each part of my body with Unburn, the pain just stopped either on contact or within 40 seconds of application.

Before going to bed I decided to spray myself again all over with Unburn. The product is soaked up by the skin quickly and is not greasy. My skin felt really great and hydrated. That night I slept like a log with absolutely no discomfort at all.

On the Sunday I continued my "market research" regarding this amazing natural element from the earth called Fulvic which is in the Unburn. So again, I put in 5 hours of surfing over two sessions.

It was very hot again on this second trial day. That night I had the same pain as Saturday night (8.5+ out of 10) and yet again the same result was achieved. That being zero pain after applying the Unburn. Again I slept with no discomfort that Sunday night and woke up feeling absolutely great on Monday morning.

My wife had never seen this result with any product for normal sunburn, let alone the extreme sunburn I had inflicted on myself. We both give the product big accolades as she and I saw the redness being drawn out of my body within minutes after applying it.


Watch Kable's 360 turn!


Unburn For Your Sunburn testimonial by Cathy 28th February 2017

Only a week after getting the new Unburn For Your Sunburn product in my home, my 14 year old son managed to get himself quite sun burnt from playing sport on a very hot day in February 2017.

So I quickly grabbed the Unburn For Your Sunburn to trial it on him.

I applied the Unburn For Your Sunburn a couple of times to the affected areas that afternoon.

He stated, "It was refreshing and cooling " on his face.


I noted with amazement the next day when I saw him the redness had completely gone.

Needless to say , the product now has a permanent place in my first aid box!

Kind Regards,

Cathy (QLD)


"Whilst holidaying in Bali my friend Damien and I were sitting beside the pool and we both had very bad sunburn in the range of 7 out of 10. I applied Uburn For Your Sunburn onto the affected parts of my sunburn and within 30 seconds the pain had reduced to nearly zero pain level. Amazing.
Thank you so much!"

Mark F. Bali, 2016


"My Fulvic experience.
Symptoms - puffy eyes,green phlegm,cough,veins pulsing out my forehead,dry cracked wind burned lips. Weather conditions - extreme cold,strong winds.
The postie rocked up last Thursday with my fulvic when i was at rock bottom, I instantly had 10mil of fulvic solution in 200mil of water and I started to spray my sore lips with unburn for your sunburn. I had another dose before bed and slept well. The next day I had all my energy back and felt great, I had a few more doses and kept spraying my lips, I was battling freezing snow temps and my lips just got better and better.
Symptoms after fulvic - none. "

Nicole, 2017


"I used the “unburn your sunburn” sample that you sent me. We had some sun spots burnt off by the doctor and I put it on them with good positive effects and they seemed to heal up well. I also burnt my finger on my soldering iron in my workshop and it didn’t blister or sting and went away really quickly. "

Ruth, 2017


Testimonials: The Greener Cleaner   top

I have been using this wonderful spearmint formula since 2006.

All comments back from staff are nothing short of positive. We are using this spearmint formula for everything we do as I live and breathe cleaning day and night seven days a week.

By changing to this single non toxic cleaning product to do all my cleaning jobs I have reduced my cleaning costs by more than 37% of what I used to pay my chemical supplier for 8 toxic chemicals.

The product has done a much better job that the previous chemicals I used to use.

Cleaner Comparison

Item 8 separate chemicals before 2006 Now this single spearmint cleaner after 2006  
Monthly statistic $5,000 per month with previous eight chemicals I have saved more than 37% off my previous $5000 monthly spend
9 year statistic $540,000 would have been my cost with eight previous chemicals I have saved more than $199,800 over 9 years  
Health of staff Nose bleeds and infections and respiratory problems with previous eight chemicals No issues
Waste and storage   Many bottles and much more storage room required with previous eight chemicals One bottle (small footprint)
Fumes and danger   Use of gloves and constant fumes with previous eight chemicals No fumes, Non-toxic, Non-flammable, Non-polluting

Initially my background was in catering. I did 20 years in the RAN and reached the rank of senior chief petty officer. The last 12 years I had spent on ships. I did my tour of Vietnam on a Destroyer HMAS Hobart and was involved with the American seventh fleet when Russia invaded Afghanistan. Also I was involved in the Solomon’s conflict and the cyclone in Honiara. I participated in the gulf war and then retired from the RAN and was paid off in 1988.

After the RAN I was further involved in Hospitality and I managed the Park Royal in Sydney. Later I was secretary/manager of a prominent business club at Silverwater. Next I was given the job of general manager with the Bankstown Town Hall function centre and theatre restaurant for 8 years which was headquarters for the American Olympic and Para Olympic Teams during the games in 2000, all the above required in house cleaning.

We decided to make Queensland our home shortly after. Unable to get back into hospitality (very clicky on the Gold Coast) I was offered a position with a national cleaning company as area manager. I was quickly promoted to operations manager Queensland, with 450 cleaners and 6 area managers with a turn over of around 12 million dollars per annum. I saw numerous problems with the way in which the company operated and decided I could do better on my own. So we mortgaged the house took out a loan and the rest is history. We are a family owned business and we do not advertise. Around 90 per cent of our cleaning contracts come from word of mouth. Our mission statement is to "offer a superior cleaning service to each and every client" and to this end has seen our company gradually grow in strength.

The reason for the all the above is that since the age of 17 when I joined the RAN I have been associated with hundreds of chemicals. At times even now I am in confined spaces with no ventilation. In the early days I was even on a navy tanker the HMAS Supply and I had to take my turn in cleaning out the oil tanks whilst at sea.

Over the years I have seen people including myself, overcome by fumes from chemicals. The worst cases of dermatitis you could imagine from chemicals. Nose bleeding from using bleach was not uncommon. Infections to cuts and wounds from chemicals and sore and irritating eyes from chemicals were normal. Severe headaches and passing out from using, breathing and absorbing chemicals was rampant.

We are now using the spearmint cleaner extensively throughout our family business. With some in house training with staff and experimenting with the right mixing the spearmint cleaner has taken the place of:

* General spray and wipe * Ajax
* Floor mopping * Bleach
* Toilet bowl cleaner * Truck wash degreaser
* High foaming detergent * Floor cleaner
* Window cleaner  

The spearmint cleaner will also leave a very pleasant pure spearmint odour.

My chemical supplier now hates me as I was spending around 80 thousand a year for chemicals and consumables and because of the use of the spearmint cleaner we have cut those consumable expenses dramatically. I now only have to pay a bit less than $20,000.00 per year for the brooms, mops and other hardware. However I have saved in excess of 37% on the liquid chemicals from my supplier by swapping to this spearmint cleaner.

I seldom give credit and thrive on self satisfaction, however thank you. Your product has won me over and I look forward to a lasting union with you.





Sorry I forgot to mention that the spearmint cleaner has also taken the place of carpet spotting agent used prior to carpet cleaning. It will also remove chewing gum or grease from carpets instead of using a product I've used for years which was good. Mops can be soaked overnight then rung out and hung up giving them a pleasant smell in cleaner’s storerooms instead of the typical lingering foul smell from a wet mop/s. This odour problem is mostly in larger sites or shopping centres where numerous mops are hung up. I haven't yet tried it on graffiti though.

Cockroaches don't like it either. One of my staff who suffers terribly from sinus problems states that the spearmint cleaner has relieved him from using the dangerous bleaches he used to hate. Also his clothes last longer as he and other cleaners were carrying the bleach and spray and wipe bottles hanging off their trouser pockets when working. Staff’s working clothes were being eaten away with the poisonous chemicals regularly. Just thought I would throw that in.


Testimonials: The Greener Plant   top


I have been using over the past years a solution of 5 mls of Fulvic in 500 mls of water and spraying a small amount around the root of my orchids every month or so. My orchids are generous and often keep flowering, this one above has produced 4 crops of beautiful flowers. It brings much joy to see them rebud after the last flowering. These flowers have been on the plant for about the last three months.

Diana P

Pineapple Testimonial

Prior to August 2016, for two years these two pineapples at Northern NSW were stagnate with no fruit and the leaves had a pale yellow and brown appearance. The applications of products were applied in the following order shown below.

read on ...

By Cheryl H.

Just a quick note to advise you of my success with the recent "greener plant" product.

Both myself and husband are keen gardeners.  He severely "prunes" most plants in the garden and then I try and resurrect them...

read on ...

by Jill C - NSW

Around the end of October 2008 I sprayed The Greener Plant on my vegetables in my wheel barrow in my back yard in NSW.  I had broccoli which were only six inches at the time and miniature spinach, herbs, chives and Chinese vegetables...  

read on ...

by JB Queensland

This will confirm the following regarding my applying The Greener Plant ™ to the plant below which is pictured.


read on ...

The Greener Plant by Jane J NSW

Around the last week in February 2008 I tested The Greener Plant ™ which contains pure organic Fulvic...


read on ...

Fulvic NSW

Just a quick note to advise you of my success with the recent "greener plant" product.


read on ...

My Experience of THE GREENER PLANT - by James Rabe – 21st October 2010

The soil in the area in which I live is characterized by heavy clay with scarcely any depth of topsoil. So my gardening efforts, both with vegetables and flowers, are rarely attended with much success......

read on ...


Testimonials: Feelgood   top

Testimonial for Feelgood by Albe Falzon film producer / creator of Morning of the Earth - October 2017

My sister came to the veranda of my house to say hello. Her head was on a forty five degree angle and she could hardly open her eyes due to sinus irritation.

I went inside the house to the package of goodies you sent me a few days earlier to find a suitable product to use on her neck. I choose the Feel Good Botanical spray with bamboo.

She was in excoriating pain. I worked on her head and neck applying the Feel Good. I just intuitively thought that it would help her and after our conversation it seemed an appropriate opportunity to try the Feel Good on her.

About fifteen minutes after I sprayed and rubbed / massaged her head and shoulders she thanked me and went back to her caravan.

Thirty minutes later she came back to let me know that she was visiting my elderly mother in a nursing home.

I couldn’t believe the transformation. Her head and neck were completely vertical and her eyes were wide open and clear.

There was an aura of lightness around the shoulders and head. It was amazing the difference the Feel Good made.

It was like I was looking at a different person. Truly astounding.

Albe Falzon film producer / creator of Morning of the Earth


Testimonial for Feelgood by Tricia - Coolangatta

I have returned from Egypt, have been taking the Fulvic during the trip and have not had any issues. Love this product!

I want to finally give you my testimonial for the Feelgood.


Wow what a great product the Feelgood is. I recently broke the humerus in my right arm. After emergency room consult I was restricted to a sling for 6 weeks, on Pain Medication (Endone + Paracetamol + ibprofin).
Wayne called in to drop off some Fulvic to me 10 days after I broke my arm, he had no idea about my injury and was surprised to find me in a sling. He asked if I was in pain and I advised him of what Medication I was taking, and how often.

I was due to take some pain killers by this time of the day, so my arm was throbbing. Wayne went back to his car and got a small bottle of Feelgood, gave it to me and told me to spray it on my arm and that it would take the pain away.

So I gave it a go! Why not? Within a few minutes to my surprise, the throbbing stopped. He left me with the remainder of the bottle and I used it from then on to manage my pain. From this point on I did not take any further pain killers.

I sprayed the Feelgood on my arm morning and night, sometimes I also sprayed it on during the mid day. After using this product I would recommend it to anyone.

I feel that it is an essential item for any household first aid kit. I am sharing this one with my family.

Thank you Wayne for yet another fabulous natural product.

With much Gratitude

Tricia - Coolangatta


Testimonial for Feelgood by Sandra


Some months ago, I was told by Wayne about Feelgood and how wonderful it was. Oh yes, I thought - I have fallen for many “feelgood stories” - none work. OK I said, as I sat in my chair, where I had been sitting for 8 weeks after yet another fall. I had had massages, dry needles, chiropractor treatments all to no avail. The Pain in my lower back was horrid.

The package arrived and I opened it - then the fun started as I could not get around to my lower back to spray so I had to get a friend to come and spray me. I can honestly tell you that within less than 4 minutes after rubbing it in I was pain free. IMPOSSIBLE I thought. I then waited half an hour and decided to spray again. A MIRACLE. I still cannot believe it. In the past six months I have sprayed my back approximately 6 times and I can walk and sit as well as sleep without pain.

This little spray bottle is a Saver, a LIFE SAVER. I truly cannot speak highly enough of it. How can it work when every other lotion, oil, rub etc., did not change my pain one bit.

I also, like thousands of people, I have a bad shoulder. (a painful shoulder) and yes I spray it also. The pain has not gone away completely, but Feelgood takes the pain away for several hours and particularly at night so I can sleep pain free.

Wayne, thank you for talking me into buying this wonderful product, it was not just a story it was true and really worked – really worked. Buy it everyone.

Sandra M


I have arthritis in my hands and a heel spur. I have been using Feelgood Botanicals for two months, my spur is gone and the pain in my hands is nearly all gone.

M.T Brisbane, QLD


As a nurse i get lower back pain because of heavy lifting. Since using Feelgood Botanicals spray my back has been great.



After having seven children, I have had back pain for over 30 years from carrying them when they were young. I started using Feelgood Botanicals Muscle & Joint Spray after every shower in the morning and found huge relief all day long. After 2 months i found i no longer needed it every day and now 2 months later i only use it every 3-4 days.

K.B Norlane, VIC